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Scoring / Composing

Custom Soundtracks  *  Original Piano & Synth

Film * Documentaries *  Promos * Live 

Reasonable rates, original music, ownership rights negotiable. 


Gayborhood Season II -- I recorded about 60 pieces for this Series.  They  used a bunch.    Gayborhood is Chicago's Most Unnecessary Reality Television Show.  Available on REVRY TV

Young Kids Hard Times,  - Calamari Productions.   Fellow Mishawaka, Indiana native, Karen Furore Grau runs this phenomenal operation.  

GAYBORHOOD SHOW -  12 Episodes.   50+ placed mujscial pieces for this project.      The show won Best Comedy at Vermont International Film Festival 2014, and Short Film Award -  Chicago Comedy Film Fest & Accepted at LA Film Festival.      Creators:  Sam Probst & Colby Holt  

DOWN HOME -  Pilot -   Vermont International Film Festival  Actually I only have a few fillers in this cool film.  ---  My nephew  Jon Fegel plays the opening tune.  Also, Lisa Germano has some beautiful music in this filml.  Another Sam Probst &Colby Holt creation. 

Melting Pots of Mishawaka, Chamberlin Video Productions --great history of  Mishawaka's immigrants.  

Children of the Dumping Ground, Calamari Productions  see above.  Sheds a behind the bars in-depth spotlight on our the Juvenile Prison system in Indiana.   No crew has ever had the access that Karen's company has been granted. 

The Avenue, Music Video by Sam Probst - perfomred by Lisa Germano, Emily Goethals & Joe Probst. 

Surreal Architecture by Matthias Jung -  A building has to first be stable and credible before I can add some “disorder”, to let it fly for example.


JAN 14th - solo piano - private

Jan 28th - solo piano -private

  Joe Probst  * * 574.210.5219 

Original Trks